If you don’t know what kind of music you’re looking at… Use a music reading app/software!

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Even if you are given a new piece of sheet music, few people know what kind of music it is right away, and you may have to play it a little at a time or listen to others play it. There are music reading apps and software available in the world, and you can have your smartphone or computer play the score for you.


From real-time on a smartphone to full-scale reading on a computer

This technology of reading music scores, there are many different ones and their uses are also varied. The following apps and software are introduced in this article:

App/software nameSmartphones/PCscontentsFeatures
Notation CameraiPhoneThe camera can read and play music in real time.Anyway, it’s easy to use, but you can’t read the length of the sound, etc.
Sheet Music ScanneriPhone/AndroidCapable of reading and playing sheet music from images taken by the camera.It can also read the length of a note, but does not support coda, double flat, double sharp, etc.
Scoremakerpersonal computerRead images captured by a camera or scanner on a PCIt is quite sophisticated, but expensive. It’s not so easy to use because it’s done on a computer.

Notation Camera

The first one I’d like to introduce is a smartphone app released by Kawai Musical Instruments, called Score Camera.

‎世界初!※1「リアルタイム楽譜認識エンジン」搭載。 楽譜をカメラで撮って即座に音を鳴らせる、画期的なアプリです。 ●高解像度対応により、認識精度が向上しました。 ●サークルコントロールによるUIにより操作性が向上しました。 ●楽譜を分割して撮影できます。チェーンプレイ機能により、分割した楽譜を繋げて連続再生するこ...

The great thing about this app is that itReal-time music reading The great thing about this app is that it is

In the case of ordinary music reading, the image is taken by a camera or scanner and fed to the application or software. In the case of the Score Camera, all you have to do is hold the sheet music over the camera and it will be scanned.

And you canJust by holding it over a score, you can play that score. And that’s it.

However, because it has to be processed in real time, itBasically, the only thing that can be read is the pitch of the sound. There are no quarter notes or eighth notes. There are no quarter notes or eighth notes. You have to tell it yourself when you play.

However, the fact that you don’t even have to take a picture of it is quite convenient.If you just want to listen to what kind of music you are listening to, this will be enough. It’s very easy to use.

The app has been released for iPhone only, no Android version is available.

Sheet Music Scanner

The name of this app is similar to “Sheet Music Camera”, but it is a different app.

楽譜スキャナー - Sheet Music Scanner
Sheet Music Scanner – Sheet Music Scanner
Developer : David Zemsky
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This is not a real time reading, but uses camera photos taken or images captured by a scanner.

This allows you to read the length of notes, which is not possible with a notation camera, but it is not perfect and currently has the following limitations:

– The following symbols are currently not supported: coda, percussion notation, dynamics, double sharp, double flat, and ornaments. These will be addressed in a future update.

Sheet Music Scanneroon application page

It is supposed to be supported in a future update, and in fact, it used to not support triplets, but now it does, so we can expect it.

You can also output the scanned music as a PDF file. You can also useThe music played on the score can also be output as a music file, so you can use it to tell others what the song is about. .

It can be used on Android as well as iPhone.


This is a computer software program that uses photos taken by a camera or images scanned by a scanner to read the data.

スコアメーカー Standard
対応OS:Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista 日本語版(最新のサービスパックをご利用ください) (32bit/64bit同梱)

This software is a music notation and composition software. Finale and Sibelius are famous for this kind of software, but Scoremaker has an excellent reputation for its ability to read music.

It only runs on a computer, so you have to bring the images to your computer for processing, but it is a composition software.

  • Modify the read music.
  • Arrange music based on the readings
  • Add fingering and notes.
  • Transposition of music

You can do this easily.

If you want to do a lot of things based on the score you read, there is no harm in buying a score maker. If you want to do a lot of things based on the score you read, buy ScoreMaker.

An official guidebook on how to use it is also available:

Please note that there are four types of Scoremakers in the lineup, but only the Platinum or Standard can use the reading function.

Increase efficiency by using the right app/software for the right purpose.

As you can see, there are many different levels of music reading.

It does not mean that a lower level is bad, but it should be chosen based on the application.

If you are having a hard time deciphering what kind of music is in the score, why not try it?