Guitar is No. 1 on the list of instruments that would make you popular if you could play it – 2022 survey

In the guitar boom of old days, we heard that people were popular if they could play the guitar, and even today, the gu...
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Can Apple Watch and other smartwatches help you play guitar and other instruments?

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The relationship between musical taste and personality is universal around the world – Maybe it’s true that many classical guitar players are calm and nice people

Music is loved all over the world and people like different genres. According to one study, the relationship between mu...
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About the types and characteristics of guitar finishes (differences between shellac, lacquer, cashew, polyurethane, and oil finishes)

The final step in building a guitar is coating. There are many different methods of finishes, each with its own advanta...

If you don’t know what kind of music you’re looking at… Use a music reading app/software!

Even if you are given a new piece of sheet music, few people know what kind of music it is right away, and you may have...
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When should I change my strings before a concert, recital or performance? Here are some tips on when to change strings for the best sound and most stable pitch.

In order to get the best sound at an important concert, recital, or performance, you want to play with new strings if p...