String Evaluation

String rating: Knobloch Actives Double Silver CX Carbon Medium High Tension

These strings are not so major in Japan, but they are used by Brouwer and others. The treble strings are carbon, but the...
String Evaluation

String rating: Knobloch Leo Brouwer 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Strings 400LB Medium High Tension

Knobloch is a string manufacturer that originated in Germany and is currently producing in Catalonia, Spain. Although th...
String Evaluation

String Rating: Knobloch DUO ASSAD, DA 34.5 High Tension

I tried out a new string from Spanish string maker Knobloch. It is named as "DUO ASSAD", this string was developed by th...
String Evaluation

Strings Rating: Amazon Basics String for Classic Guitar, Regular Light

Classical guitar strings had appeared in "Amazon Basic," the own brand of Amazon, a major online shopping site. The bran...
String Evaluation

String rating: Royal Classics Sonata Light SL20

It's been a while since I've had a string made by Royal Classics. I'm reviewing the Sonata series lights, which are at t...
String Evaluation

String Rating: Dogal Diamante Extra Soft NR127A

This is the third review of the Dogal Diamante. This time it's the soft tension. This is the lowest tension diamante sol...